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The Local food movement is upon us, but have you ever wondered what local produce is available during which seasons? Or struggled with finding recipes that include your favourite local produce? Welcome to Learn, Live, Love Local! This website features some of your favourite Ontario grown produce in delicious recipes, along with valuable information on availability, variety and nutrition. Check back often for new information and ideas on how to include local Ontario produce in your daily routines!
Featured Recipe: Aloo Gobi
Local Ontario mushrooms, apples, potatoes and greenhouse vegetables are in season and are locally available. Support your Ontario growers by looking for "product of Ontario" when purchasing. Be sure to check back here each week for recipes featuring local Ontario produce! Click here to get inspired!

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Ontario Pear Bread Pudding with Honey Yogurt
This recipe for Ontario Pear Bread Pudding with Honey Yogurt makes a lovely breakfast dish, or dessert. The brown sugar and almond topping add a nice crunch and contrast to the delicate pears.
Choose sweet peppers that are smooth, firm and plump with thick shiny skins.